Tabitha Fitzpatrick

photoshop: Make my friend a monster

This is a project that I had to make my friend into a monster

  • photoshop: Make my friend a monster
With the make my friend a monster piece the tools I used were quick selection tool, move tool, change the color blend mode, copy layers, and paint brush. I gave her purple horns, multicolored eyes, and white and pink hair. In the piece she has purple and pinkish skin to give her that monster kind of skin. How I think others will react to this project is they will think it is funny because my friend is a monster. The obstacles I had with this project was making her skin look like a monsters rather than it looking like human skin. I will remember this piece twenty years from now because it makes me look back and laugh at how much i've improved since I made this piece. On a scale from 1-10, I give it a 7 because it's a funny & cool picture but lacks a few techniques.

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