Tabitha Fitzpatrick

photoshop: collage

This is a collage of funny pictures.

  • photoshop: collage
For the collage project I took some pictures & quick selected them, then I changed their blend mode to make them look brighter. After that I used a outer glow and drop shadow to make them look like they were all in one picture. Finally I moved all the pictures on to one page and moved them to fit each other and collage them together. How I felt about this project was relieved because I thought this was a fun and easy project. I will remember this project twenty years from now because I had fun taking the pictures for this project. On a scale from 1-10, I give it a 8 because I could of made the pictures look more together as a collage. If I could of done anything differently it would have to be the outer glows on the pictures I would of blended the colors better with it.

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