Tabitha Fitzpatrick

Illustrator: Pathfinder

This is the pathfinder piece

  • Illustrator: Pathfinder
With pathfinder you use the shape tool, you make a shape and then you click in the pathfinder box and you can cut the shape however you want. From this project I have learned more about pathfinder in illustrator. I am most proud of how much my picture looked like it was suppose to. If I could of done something differently it would of been make the word "illustrator" with black and white lines going across it instead of just black lines. What I discovered about myself with this project is it got me use to the illustrator program more and pathfinder. On a scale of 1-10 I would give this project a 9 because It wasn't my best project I have done there were a few errors and i'm learning to fix them.

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